Welcome to My Photography Portfolio

Here is my online gallery of favorite photographs I’ve taken. It will become apparent as you view my images that I am interested in a wide variety of styles and subjects. For example, I love black and white, landscape, street, and fashion photography, just to name a few. But, when all is said and done, photography for me is a kind of zen-like, meditative endeavor. I love pondering life, and the beauty I am seeing with my eyes, as I strive to capture the ‘perfect’ photo. Of course, no photo is perfect, but I believe all great photos have one thing in common: They are instantaneous, close approximations of perfect moments of our real world that are themselves perfect. And that, I believe, is my primary goal in photography: to capture, as perfectly as possible, life’s perfect, beautiful moments. Moments that otherwise would have been lost forever.

Because, when you love life, you want to capture it.

Dennis Jackson

Dennis Jackson | Self Portrait - Black & White